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Styles Explained

Balconette Bras - Balconette Bras feature low-cut cups and wide set straps that give the appearance of a square neckline. The cups are designed to push your bust upwards, can be either padded or unpadded and can also have push-up pads as well. The name balconette comes from men in the balcony of a theatre looking down upon women. A balconette bra could not be seen from above.
Contour (Preformed) Bras - These bras feature fiberfill or foam lining in the cups which provide definition and shape. The cups hold their shape, even when not being worn. A great choice for women seeking a sculpted silhouette, as they offer a significant amount of coverage and control.
Full Cup Bras - The cup style fully supports the breast, giving maximum coverage. They are great for fuller figures and under t-shirts. This type of bra usually has an underwire or plastic boning holding them up. They can be worn by women of any breast size, and are especially suited for those with larger cup sizes. They are available padded or unpadded and are flattering on any figure type.
Half Cup Bras & Quarter Cup Bras - Also called a demi-cup bra. A must have for seduction! A balconette style of bra that offers less coverage for a more provocative cleavage. Generally, a half-cup bra is best suited to smaller to medium cup sizes. Quarter cups are as the name suggests, cups are 1/4 the size offering even less coverage!
   Cupless/Erotic Bras - Composed of a frame with no support cups, or exposes the nipples with notched or contoured support cups. Usually worn as erotic lingerie, a cupless bra can cause the shape of the nipples to be prominently visible on an outer garment. Also called an open cup bra.
Halter Neck Bras - Featuring straps that fasten behind the neck. Many halter style bras are convertible to strapless, regular and criss-cross.
Plunge Bras - Designed to reveal more of the bust for a sexier look. With a plunge front, angled cups and a thin centre gore, these bras create the appearance of increased cleavage. Plunge bras differ from push-up bras in that they are not necessarily heavily padded.
   Push-Up Bras - Designed to push your breasts inward and upward to create an impressive cleavage when you wear plunging necklines. They have extra padding at the underside of each cup. The breasts are pulled together by reducing the space between the cups on the bra band and this creates a desirable cleavage. Push-up bras are generally not recommended for everyday wear.
DD+ Bras - For women with larger cup sizes. Available in many styles.
Underwired Bras - A sewn-in moulded wiring that runs beneath the breast in the bra cups. Underwires help to lift and separate the bust line for enhanced shape and support. Original underwires were made from wire; they are now made from both metal and plastic.
Non-wired (Soft) Bras - Have no underwire designed for increased comfort. Some No-Wire bras give light to moderate support, for petite to average figures. Others provide full support. The lack of underwire doesn't equal a lack of support, in fact, there are many unique construction soft cup bras that offer comparable support to underwire bras. Some women with larger back sizes may prefer this style of bras because they may have difficulty finding an underwire that fits comfortably.
Triangle Bras - Made for petite figures, these bras have thin straps, triangular shape and typically soft cups; they are therefore typically not underwired.
Strapless Bras - Just as the name suggests; a Bra with no straps. Every woman should own one for those nights out when low cut dresses and strapless tops are worn. This type of bra should have rubberised or silicone beading along the top edge to hold it in place on your body. Many convertible bras can be worn strapless simply by removing the straps.
Full (Classic) Knickers - Rest at the waist and has full bottom coverage with a low leg line. This style of knicker offers more coverage to the front and back than the G-String and Thong.
Cheeky Knickers – Flirty, fun and unusual in their design. This style of knicker make wonderful statement pieces of lingerie on their own and often make gorgeous gifts. Styles can range from tempting big bows, cheeky cut outs that expose bottom cleavage to styles with incredible frills. Definitely a style that is out of the ordinary.
Thongs - Feature a minimal back, with only a thin piece of fabric that slides between the cheeks to leave the buttocks exposed. A thong has slightly more fabric at the back than a G-string.
G-Strings - Similar to thongs, with no rear coverage and a single string that passes between the cheeks of the buttocks. A G-string will completely eliminate visible panty lines.
Brazilian Knickers -Cover more in the back than a thong but less than a full knicker. A Brazilian brief has a full crotch, but the back can vary depending on the designer.
Shorty Knickers - A feminine version of a men's classic underwear shape that is generally low rise with wide, almost square-cut sides. These are especially flattering to straight hip figures and generally prevent visible panty lines. Resembling a short, this panty is sometimes also called a culotte, or hot pant. They are a perfect everyday alternative and offer comfortable coverage under skirts. They are also popular teamed up with a camisole and worn around as loungewear.
French Knickers - The ultimate feminine style, loose-fitting elegant shorts. Extremely glamorous and compliments all types of figures. This is a brief that looks like a shorty knicker except the back does not have elastic in the legs so does not cup your cheeks.
Hipster Knickers - A popular style that sits low on the hips, both at the front and at the back, making it perfect for wear with low-rise jeans. Sometimes called low riser or hip-hugger.
Tie-side Knickers - Can be adjusted according to your size as ribbons are attached to each side for you to tie up as you please. Often designed with full front/back coverage; a very flattering style of knicker suitable for all figure types.
Skirted Knickers - For an ultra sexy, feminine look. These are typically full knickers with a short, pretty skirt attached.
Erotic Knickers - A convenient slit or opening in the fabric covering the crotch area is a typical feature of this style of knicker. Save this style for the bedroom!
Peek a boo Knickers - Often a full knicker style with cheeky holes cut into the fabric to show off small sections of the bottom.
Bodysuits (Body)- Snug fitting one piece garment similar to a leotard in shape. Discreet popper fastening below and the style often features beautiful button or lace detail.
Garters- Pretty bands worn around the leg, originally to hold up a stocking or sock, but now mainly for sexy allure.
Babydolls-Short nightgowns sometimes with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons, optionally with spaghetti straps. Sometimes they are made of sheer cloth like chiffon. It is said the name comes from the 1956 movie "Baby Doll" starring Carroll Baker in the title role
Chemises-Loose-fitting, sleeveless slips. The traditional style lacks definition in the waist area, but the modern ones are sexy and contoured.
Camisoles- This garment extends from the bust to the waist and looks much like a fitted tank top with spaghetti straps. Most camisoles (camis) are made from a seamless stretch microfiber and offer a clingy, contoured fit but little support. Some modern styles can be worn as outerwear; engineered cups are sewn-in to provide support.
Slips-Women’s undergarments of dress length with shoulder straps.
Teddys-Combine a camisole with a brief. A Teddy can be fitted to the body or loose and is worn either under clothing or as sleepwear.
Eye masks-Shaped pieces of fabric that cover the eyes to promote sleep. Available in a variety of colours and materials. A piece of elastic is attached to either end of the mask so that it fits round the back of the head and stays in place.
Shapewear-A modern term for fitted undergarments that shape the contours of the body. They temporarily alter the bodyshape to achieve a more fashionable figure. Shapewear does not typically enhance a bodily feature, as say a push up bra or corset would. The primary functions are to smooth or control certain problem areas. All sorts of pieces are available- skirts, girdles and knickers. It just depends on which area it is that you are looking to 'shape'!
Glamwear- A luxurious selection of some of our finest pieces which are ideal for all sorts of occasions. Choose from soft, sheer, floaty fabrics in heavenly colours and designs. Whether you want to look perfect at parties, beautiful by the beach or pool or lovely lounging, choose from our exclusive Glamwear; Act Glamorous, Live Amorous.
Loungewear –loose fitting, comfortable clothing ideal for relaxing in. There comes a time when everyone needs to relax. Investing in something which helps you to slow down, lay back and switch off can only benefit your lifestyle. Loungewear has evolved dramatically in recent years. Long gone are the days when comfy clothes were frumpy clothes. Here at GlamorousAmorous, we offer you a wide, wonderful range of luxurious loungewear; robes, gowns, babydolls, pyjamas, camisole and short sets to name but a few. Available in a host of flattering shapes, gorgeous fabrics that are easy to wash, drape wonderfully and look so lovely!
Pyjamas - Loose-fitting nightclothes comprised of a jacket or top and trousers worn for sleeping or lounging.
Nightdresses - Also known as nightgowns or nightys. They vary in length from hip to floor. Nightdresses are available in a variety of materials including cotton and silk making it either practical or sultry.
Robes - Robes are classically sexy pieces of lingerie. They have been around as lingerie for a very long time and can be made from just about any material. They can be short, long or in between.
Kimonos - Wide-sleeved robes with a belt that is inspired in style by the traditional Japanese kimono. The kimono style is popular as loungewear and often features a floral or scenic print with a button, toggle, or sash closure.
Corsets - Tight-fitting, body-enhancing undergarments used to be worn by women to create an hourglass-shaped silhouette. A traditional corset features boning and either a lace-up or a hook-and-eye closure, with a bust-to-hip length. Modern lingerie variations of the corset tend to be less restrictive and more comfortable.
Under Bust Corsets - Very similar to corsets but will rise just below the under wire of your bra. Excellent for daily wear and the occasional night on the town.
Basques - Also very similar to corsets but are always worn as underwear and tend to be boned but much less structured than a corset. Basques are tight fitting and cover the breasts whilst being shorter. A basque will give definition to the waist and smooth the stomach under clothes but it will not alter the body shape as much as a corset will.
Bustiers - These sexy long bras extend from bosom to hip to offer support and shape. Some bustiers have detachable garters, flexible boning to give a desired shape, optional shoulder straps or lace-up closures. Bustiers and longline bras are pretty much the same.
Waspies - A type of corselette made in 1947 to achieve the ‘nipped in’ waist effect. ‘Waspie’ is the nickname for this underwear garment. Women would wear a waspie with a special type of bra that lifted the breasts higher than normal.