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Slim, small to medium breasts, few curves, narrow hips.....
Body Shape: Seductively Straight

In Brief: Play with patterns and try different textures. Go for flirty frills and racy ruffles. Add sexy sparkles and dazzling diamante details. Just try not to go crazy and mix too many trends all at once!

Body: If you would like to define your waist a little more, camisoles and bustiers will do the trick nicely by helping to narrow the upper body; this will also help to make you look taller. Slim limbs lend themselves to bodysuits, robes, babydolls, chemise’s, camisole and short sets; the list is endless! Opt for shorter styles to show off your slender legs and spaghetti straps to highlight your arms.

Go to town on pretty styles with feminine frills and lace when wearing one of the above. Bold colours will add dimension to your figure and be sure to choose fabrics that will cling if you wish to appear more curvy. 

Bras: The most important thing to remember when looking to boost your bust a little, is to stay looking natural. Do not over pad or you will end up with very unnatural looking breasts. Opt for underwired bras with padding that provide instant lift without going overboard. Or to make the most of your smaller frame, choose sheer, soft, triangle bras made from exquisite, delicate fabrics such as chiffon and lace. 

Knickers: Take your pick - you will look great in most styles. High-cut knickers will elongate your legs; shorty or hipster knickers will accentuate your shape. Thongs and g-strings were made for you, so have fun and experiment with all sorts of styles to work out which works best for you.


Large bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips, less defined waist.....
Body Shape: Amazing Apple

In Brief: Amazing Apple shaped figures are fortunate as different areas of the body can be enhanced depending on how you feel. Think of yourself as a blank canvas that can be transformed into a brilliant busty beauty one day, and a stylish streamlined sensation the next!

Body: Shapewear enhances this figure type perfectly as it smoothes controls. Other flattering options are Chemises and Babydolls as they cover the waist area and show off your legs! Teddies with very high sides create fabulous, flattering lines. Corsets and Bustiers are also great for you. Have fun experimenting with garments that will cinch or disguise your middle, while accentuating the bust area. Try wearing 2-piece outfits to break up your body if you are looking to define your waist a little more. Camisoles and shorty knickers sets are perfect for this as they provide separation between the bust and the hips.

Bras: Choose bras that will lift and support the chest, thus making you look slimmer. Bras with good full cups are a great choice for this figure type, as are Underwired bras. Refrain from wearing padded bras as the extra volume can make you look bigger all-round. The right bra completes the enhancement and should also be comfortable to wear.

Knickers: High-waisted knickers will help to disguise your thicker middle. Choose a darker colour for a more flattering look. Frilly knickers will create the illusion of hips if you are aiming to enhance your curves in this area. Shapewear knickers are excellent for drawing the attention away from specific areas. They also encourage a flatter tummy and help to keep any wobbly bits hidden away!

Bust and hips nearly the same size, well defined waist, full bust, shapely legs.....
Body Shape: Cute Curves

In Brief: Cute Curves (hourglass) figures are blessed - solid colours and prints, embroidery and other detailing will only enhance your assets so do not be afraid to experiment with all sorts of sensational styles!

Body: Opt for underwear that will emphasise your sculpted waist, such as bustiers and corsets. Perhaps go for one with a vertical pattern or seams that visually display narrowing around the waist.

Bras: Be sure to choose a bra that has great lower cup support, and preferably some side panels in the cups to help push your breast tissue out from under your arms and more towards the center. Lifting and centering your breasts will enhance your assets even more.

Knickers: High cut knickers whether they are full knickers, thongs or brazilian style, will elongate your legs and shorten the lower part of your torso. This will centre the slim section of your waist, which again helps to accentuate your fabulous curves! Tie Side knickers will enhance those heavenly hips of yours.

Wider hips and thighs, narrow shoulders, wide bottom, smaller bust.....
Body Shape: Beautiful Bootylicious

In Brief: If your aim is to balance your beautiful body shape, look for ways of enhancing the bust and drawing attention away from the fabulous fullness of the bottom-unless of course you are happy with it, in which case, may we suggest that you do the opposite!

Body - Chemises, babydolls, robes, kimonos, are all great choices for the Beautiful Bootylicious shape as they cover the uneven parts as well as being comfortable and incredibly sexy at the same time! Look for styles that have extra gathering/ruching detail in the chest area to enhance this section of your body.

Bras - As Beautiful Bootylicious shaped ladies tend to be short in the waist, it is important to try and lengthen the torso. If you are a Pear shape with full breasts, choose a Push up bra that will lift and support your chest whilst creating space in the waistline. Not only will this draw the eye up and away from the bottom, it will also give you more of a defined waist; you will look like you’ve lost weight! If you have a smaller cup size, wear preformed bras or bras with padding that will add volume to your chest. This will help to make the upper body look more in proportion and define your waist a little more. Balconette bras are also great for uplift and plunge bras will create a fuller cleavage. Pretty frill and bow details will also help to enhance the chest area, once again taking the attention away from the bottom.

Knickers - Probably best to steer clear of full coverage knickers if you wish to draw attention away from this end as it will only emphasise your ample bottom - Opt for a gorgeous Brazilian rear cut which is very flattering and helps to lengthen the leg appearance. Avoid frills, bows and layers on your briefs as these will also highlight the size of your hip, thigh and bottom area. Large thighs and hips look much slimmer in a high cut brief. Another fun and flirty way of drawing attention away from the bottom is to play with suspenders and stockings. There are all sorts of stunning styles to choose from. Heavens, Your partner won’t know where to look first, that fabulous cleavage or your sensational legs!

Full bust & small hips.....
Body Shape: Busty Beauty

In Brief: Those three words- support, comfort and lift! Once you’ve sussed these three, the choice is your ladies!

Body: We have plenty of pretty lingerie/loungewear styles perfect for your blessed bosom. Among our wonderful collections we have clever styles with built-in support. Chemises, babydolls, slips and camisoles and shorty knickers sets are comfortable to wear; they cover potential problem areas and come in all sorts of sexy and seductive styles! Although they can be expensive, corsets are an absolute god send for large-breasted ladies. Not only do they enhance your fabulous cleavage, corsets support the breasts entirely from below, which completely removes the weight from the shoulders and back. As well as containing your ample bosom, they also accentuate your curves, making them especially alluring and effective as eveningwear.

Bras: Finding the right style of bra that will help to lift and separate the breasts can take years off your figure. An ill-fitting bra will make you look bulky and feel uncomfortable. There is no doubt that if you have large breasts, you will benefit hugely from investing the time into finding the right size and style of bra for you. If you are feeling self conscious about your figure, we strongly recommend that if you can, make the time to get yourself measured professionally. The chances are you could be wearing the wrong size bra and if/when you find out that you are, finally putting on the correct size bra, could quite literally change your life. You will be more comfortable, have better posture, experience less shoulder and back pain. 

Underwired bras are a great choice as they lift and separate as well as providing a good amount of support. A balconnette style bra provides both the necessary support and lift and is especially flattering for older women as breasts are pulled forward as well as upwards. The appearance of a slimmer torso is achieved and there is less sagging! Preformed/contour bras do well to keep everything in place. The breast cup shape is preformed from poly foam. This style is comfortable and seamless so can be worn without any trouble under t-shirts or tight clothes.

Rule out flimsy fabrics as these are better suited to those with smaller busts. Look for thicker, stronger, fabrics that will give you the support you need.

Knickers: Larger breasted ladies should choose styles that cover more of the bottom such as French knickers or boy shorts. These are very flattering and will also help to make you look more in proportion.