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Perfect Gifts

Perfect Gift Guide to Buying Designer Lingerie

  • Think about what she likes: You possibly have an idea of her general tastes. If you don't have any idea of what she likes, try asking. But don't make it too obvious that you're asking because you want to buy it for her.
  • Find out her size: You already know her sizes and have noted them down somewhere discreet... You don’t – do it now! (If in doubt then her Lingerie drawer labels can be very useful.) This is extremely important as she will not appreciate being unable to squeeze into underwear that is too small – or, indeed, discovering that you think she is an extra-large when she is in fact a medium. Even though ‘it’s the thought that counts’, doing that extra homework will show her how much you effort you have gone to, to make the purchase a success.
  • Buy lingerie that reflects her personal style: Get to know her lingerie personality – If everything in her underwear drawer is white cotton she’s not going to thank you for a peephole bra and G-string in red lace (and vice versa)! Is she a pared-down minimalist, preferring sleek styles with unfussy decoration? If so modern fabrics and clean, smooth shapes will almost certainly be her thing. Or is she a fun loving fox that adores lace and a frilly mass of bows and printed fabrics? Then you should flatter her frou frou nature!
Lola Haze Bomb Teddy Beautiful Bottoms Geometric Padded Bra Belle-et-BonBon Aude Lace Sheer Fitted Dress
  • Consult her friends: Usually a close trusted girl-friend or sister has a really good sense of her tastes from knowing her a long time and would be more than happy to help you with sizes and suggestions – don’t be bashful just ask!
  • Just buy it: Choose something gorgeous that’s within budget! It is the thought and effort that counts, generally more than the gift itself. If she knows you tried your best, then she will still appreciate it - plus we offer a no-quibble return policy for exchanges and refunds.
  • If you are apart:
    Have it delivered to her where-ever just to let her know how much you are missing her or that you can’t wait to see her.
    OR if you have a special occasion away:
    Let us know what you need – dates, the address and times etc and we will be delighted to help – we’ve assisted some of the most discreet and romantic rendez-vous that you could imagine to addresses all over the world.
  • Still stuck: then choose one of our gift vouchers because she will enjoy your encouragement to buy lingerie and it’s her in the driving seat – which might lead to quite a sexy decision!