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N De Samim

N De Samim
N De Samim

Founder, Nona De Samim

How/Where did it all Begin?

The Legendary Sans Culottes was the beginning of everything...

How would you describe your Style?

Parisien old school meets cutting edge modern

Do you have a Muse?

Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale, Emmanuelle Beart were born for N De Samim!

What Fabrics do you like to use and why?

Natural fabrics mainly, silks and cottons for the way they feel against the skin and sensual to touch.

Have you had a chance to Travel?

Buenos Aires and Jose Ignacio in Punte Del Este (Uruguay) were my favourite spots last year. It topped it off especially, as my now husband proposed to me there!

Where do you draw your Inspiration from?


Italy's cinecitta 60s cinema, French avant garde film, Lanvin and the mademoiselle herself (Coco Chanel )

Where is your Home Town and do you still live there?


I miss London on a daily basis now that I live in LA... even the rain! The culture, the complexity, people's eccentricities...

What is the best piece of Advice you’ve ever been given?


Eat dessert! Live life with no regrets basically ...

What is your Quirkiest Habit?

Leaving drawers open around the house, my husband goes round kindly closing them behind me :)

What is your Happiest Memory?

Too many!

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