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Lola Haze Bodysuits

Lola Haze Bodysuits
Lola Haze Bodysuits

Founder, Laura Mehlinger

How/Where did it all begin?

I’ve wanted to design lingerie since probably before that was a reasonable interest.  When I was a child, I taught myself garment construction and how to draw and design, and then decided to focus on another love, English literature, at Harvard.  While there, I combined my love of fashion with academics and created a line of womenswear—which was a bit unconventional on that campus.  After university, I designed womenswear for the Gap before starting Lola Haze TM.  I named Lola Haze TM after the title character in the novel Lolita, which I wrote my thesis about and which continues to intrigue and inspire me.

How would you describe your Style?

I find and quirkiness—visual and otherwise—inspiring and am driven in my designing by the idea of surprise.  I think true style is the ability to mold juxtapositions: elegance and kitsch, innocence and seduction, playfulness and sophistication, and for lingerie, public and private.

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