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E-vouchers are sent via email to your recipients' email address that's given when filling in the voucher details requested above. You can select the date you want your e-voucher to be sent to your recipient. Please note that we must receive the recipient's correct email address for the e-voucher to be successfully sent. Payment for the e-voucher will be charged at point of purchase.

The value of the e-voucher is your choice, and you may purchase more than one at the same time.

Confirmation of the e-voucher purchase will be emailed to you once the order is confirmed by Glamorous Amorous, and will not be valid until a confirmation email is received. e-vouchers can only be cancelled by the purchaser within 1 hour of purchase. e-vouchers cannot be returned, and cannot be used to purchase another e-voucher.

Items bought using e-vouchers can be returned or exchanged as normal. Any additional sum paid over and above the e-voucher value will be refunded and a credit balance for the remainder will be retained to use later. If you spend more than your e-voucher value you can pay the additional money at checkout. If you spend less your account will retain a credit balance to use later to use within 6 months from the purchase date. E-vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.