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Gentlemans Guide

“ is… One of the best online lingerie boutiques of its kind, it’s a showcase for some of the ‘of the moment’ lingerie designers. There’s a men’s guide to lingerie section as well so just tell him where to go and rest in the knowledge that he’ll be is safe hands” Georgie Coleridge Cole, Editor of

We are "safe hands" and we are completely dedicated to helping you purchase the perfect lingerie for your loved one. To help you find the right gift follow our 3 Step Guide:

1. What size is she?

You already know her sizes and have noted them down somewhere discreet... You don’t – do it now! (If in doubt then her Lingerie drawer labels can be very useful.)

This is pretty important as she will not appreciate being unable to squeeze into underwear that is too small – or, indeed, discovering that you think she is an extra-large when she is in fact a medium.

2. What is her Style?

Get to know her lingerie personality – If everything in her underwear drawer is white cotton she’s not going to thank you for a peep-hole bra and G-string in red lace (and vice versa)!

Is she a pared-down minimalist, preferring sleek styles without fussy decoration? If so modern fabrics and clean, smooth shapes will almost certainly be her thing.

Is she a fun loving fox that adores lace and a frilly mass of bows and printed fabrics? Then you should flatter her froufrou nature.

Our below  Style Guide gives you suggested 'Lingerie Personality' types. Match your recipient to a personality type and you should get a better idea about what to buy.

Kriss Soonik Kristel Suspender Top

Perfectly Playful enjoys fun, fresh designs that will make her feel great and look gorgeous. She loves cute and quirky styles that will raise a smile, as well as down right cheeky pieces that are bound to raise an eyebrow! Look for lively, vibrant prints and girly, flirty frills and fancy bits. A good time girl who loves to laugh, play, make the most of each day...and night!

Belle-et-BonBon Ophelia Noir Body

Sensationally Seductive is exciting and a total temptress. A lady of imagination and sensual passion, she was born for thrills. Her magnetism and charm are complemented by the delicate cheeky chic of her lingerie. Not a shy lady, but one who values quality and style in designs of adventurous vision. Her allure is a promise of desire. She has the power to beguile and enthral, to tease to the heights of ecstasy. This lady may have a demure exterior, or one of joyous living, but at close quarters she smoulders with the passion of life.

Shell Belle Couture Tease Slip Ravishing Romantic is a passionate idealist. She is ardent by nature, yet gentle and kind. Her world is full of joy and affection. She loves natural beauty and appreciates the finer things in life. This lady is a star kissed optimist. Whether at work in the city, or juggling home life, she believes in elegance and style. She revels in the indulgence of beautiful lingerie, exclusively designed, and the pleasure it brings. To be found at a candle –lit dinner for two, or out at the theatre, or sailing the seas, our charming lady has her loving heart ardently set on romance.

Gilda & Pearl Bacall Babydoll Glamour Goddess is fascinated by the allure of luxurious lingerie. The temptation of exquisite lingerie is almost too much to bear. She desires to be surrounded by beauty, splendour and magnificence. She is a lady of genuine charm and sensuality. Never vain, she glides through life and heads turn, conversation dies. She is passionate about style and quality of design. It has to be gorgeous, it has to be glamorous.


3. What to choose?

Once you've decided upon a style or lingerie personality it now comes down to what garment/s you should select? We can always recommend that a gorgeous pair of knickers as a gift on their own can be thrilling, but go one step better and why not team them up with a matching bra. 

Top Tips:

Question: I want to buy some special lingerie that she’ll enjoy how do I get it right?
We say: Take yourself and your preferences out of the picture and think about her likes and dislikes. Does she enjoy wearing frilly fancies or does she opt for more subtle styles? Does she prefer to wear colour or does she enjoy darker tones? Does she enjoy her body and feel confident about showing off her curves to you or does she feel slightly shy about her shape? 

  • If she has a bigger bosom, she'll want some support - underwired full cup bras are a most popular choice.
  • If she wears loose fitting clothing, then a gorgeous camisole with hipster knickers or some luxury loungewear are likely to be appreciated. 
  • If she's shy about her bottom, steer clear of tiny G-Strings. 

Once you have thought about what she'll like you should feel more certain about the look and shape of lingerie that she’ll feel sexy, comfortable and confident wearing. If you are still in doubt and you are then use the ‘Tell A Friend’ service. Every page displays the ‘Tell A Friend’ link – you can send her links of the lingerie in question to see her reaction via email, alternatively shop online together.

Question: What happens if I get it wrong?
We say: Even with a bit of research, there is no guarantee that the size you buy will be a perfect fit: designer style, size changes (weight fluctuations) etc all could affect the fit. Therefore it’s important to assure you that our return policy is no quibble. Your lady will still appreciate the effort you’ve made.