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Glamorous Amorous Fitting Room Advice on Bra Fitting

The rigid belief that each woman is one bra size is mainly due to the over-reliance on tape measures. In reality, the size that fits best will vary according to bra style, designer and fabric.

Incorrect bra fits can prove to cause all sorts of problems such as postural aches, bulging flesh, skin rubbing and skin irritations. From finding out your correct bra size you will notice how you posture improves, you’ll achieve a neater silhouette and ultimately you’ll feel the comfort and necessary support you require.

It is important to remember that your bra size will change throughout your life and to reassess your size every six months or so is never a bad thing. Pregnancy and weight changes have a real impact on size – sadly gravity does too!

If you are unsure of your bra size then we would recommend a bra fitting by trying on lots of different fits and sizes. It’s worth bearing in mind that many experienced fitters never use a tape measure as their expertise confirms that ‘every bra fits differently’. A bra fitter may use a tape measure as a guide, as typically it can prove to be a great starting point to work from.

Although we cannot offer you an actual fitting service we hope that our Fitting Room Advice section offers you some helpful pointers and suggestions.

Glam regards,