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Kriss Soonik Soft Cup Bras

Kriss Soonik Soft Cup Bras
Kriss Soonik Soft Cup Bras

Founder, Kriss Soonik

How/Where did it all Begin?

I consider the start of the Kriss Soonik brand as we see it today, the beginning of year 2009 after I quit my dream job and decided to dedicate myself to my brand. To track back in time, it was about 6-7 years ago when I participated in a young designers competition designing womenswear back in my home country Estonia. After a few collections I accidentally found that what really excited me was lingerie. I gained good feedback for my designs and decided to take my creations to wider audiences. So I moved to London in 2005, I worked for other luxury lingerie brands to get an insight into the world of lingerie and completed my MA degree at LCF. So it has always been in me to do my own thing.

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