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Glamorous Amorous News

We love your entries - they are too good not to share!

We love your entries - they are too good not to share!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed a romantic thought, memory or poem over the last week. We just love them and wanted to share them with everyone, which is why we've chosen our favourites and will be displaying them on the Glamorous Amorous Home Page for all our customers to see!

Congratulations if we've picked yours-tell your friends you've made a guest star appearance on Glamorous Amorous!

Keep the entries coming everyone and over the next few weeks your wonderful words could also feature on the website!

Just to remind you that every entry received, either on our Blog or Facebook page, will automatically be entered into our grand prize draw to win a stunning set of lingerie at the end of February-so come on and spread the love!


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The following 4 comments have been made on We love your entries - they are too good not to share!

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16:04 29th June 2012

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