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Treat Yourself or Your Lovely Lady to MC Lounge with 20% OFF!

Treat Yourself or Your Lovely Lady to MC Lounge with 20% OFF!

Now's the time to indulge in a little luxurious Lounging or maybe your gorgeous girl deserves a glamorous gift? From the sheer silk chiffon thigh skimming robe in a rich indigo blue, to the racer back chemise that is perfect for relaxing in. These exquisite silk treats look and feel utterly delicious-Choose from the plunging playsuit, wide neck t-shirt, soft, flattering yoga shorts or beautiful bra and knicker sets, not to mention the Bridal collection in a heavenly ivory silk-just perfect for brides. Join us here on our Blog or Facebook this week for a chance to win a stunning MC Lounge Bridal Chemise. MC Lounge Silk Loungewear and Lingerie-Handmade in England with Love.


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