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Glamorous Amorous News

More Thousand Dancers Stock Just Arrived!

More Thousand Dancers Stock Just Arrived!

If you missed getting your hands on these pretty pieces first time round then now's your chance to snap up your size-but hurry, these hot little numbers are sure to sell out again soon!



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The following 14 comments have been made on More Thousand Dancers Stock Just Arrived!

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Jenny says:

03:55 27th April 2012

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Kellsie says:

08:56 3rd April 2012

Wow! And like your dancers, you are quite courageous as a photographer to get up and into the faces and fortresses of these establishments and career paths. Because for these men and women, this is their art… and as for you, you are the link between these hidden palaces and us; the constant observers, the voyeurs that we are… safely on the other side of the screen, safely in the street peeking in through the swung open door, safely sheltered from the world of light flashing, red silk, skampy dancing night… Love them!

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Jalen says:

09:37 30th March 2012

Kevin was very special to Elaine and me from the first sesshin we attended 6 or 7 years ago to the most recent a few weeks ago, when he came in during an evening sitting walking slowly with his cane and friends in support. I'll miss his humor and his dedication.

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hsjymjyc says:

13:07 28th March 2012

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Antonio says:

04:17 28th March 2012

Broadway is loaded with ex pro abllet dancers at the moment. So, this will tell you the competition for dance jobs is very intense. If you are really pretty and built, that can work in your favor. Stay away from competition dancing. Very few of those dancers ever get work, unless you want to be a Rockette.My suggestion is to take as many classes as possible at a really good abllet academy. Then sprinkle with a little theater dance, but the abllet is the most important for giving you what you need to compete on Broadway. Also, start taking singing lessons. You must know how to sing. Acting isn't as important but singing is a must. Everyone does double duty now.

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