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Glamorous Amorous News

Made by Niki String

Made by Niki String

Truly tantalising tingling -Experience Made by Niki String...Coming Soon to Glam Am-Pre-Order yours today!


This entry was posted on 06/07/11 and is filed under | Category: Blog . You can leave a response below.

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Mimosa says:

08:59 8th April 2012

Was a while ago that Steph graced my mates bucks party with her presence. Out of the six girls in total that we had that night Steph was by far the best. Steph was outgoing and bubbly, spoke to everyone at the party and had a great time. Will definately be booking her for my next gathering.

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Buddy says:

05:19 1st April 2012

Jennifer - Exciting Stormy The blog is great, it’s nice to see your hard work being paid off!Love the sliding banner and the pop up boudoir gallery.After meeting you I can definitely say that your personality shines throughout the blog, perhaps it is what makes it so beautiful. xx

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sedntv says:

21:11 30th March 2012

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Menna says:

03:48 30th March 2012

Thanks Sarah. It was a fantastic hniavg you work with me. I'm so happy I could help you along your photographic journey your new work is something else you are blowing me away with the beauty of your work lately! x

Keltoum says:

12:45 27th March 2012

This bio video is both beautiful and giunene. It made me feel proud (and a bit teary) as it illustrates perfectly all the reasons why I feel so, so privileged to have been your 1st assistant when you were in London x Miss you Nik x

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