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Glamorous Amorous News

Look what we've coming up....

Look what we've coming up....

Exciting week ahead Glam Guys and Gals! Including a Sexy Summertime offer to celebrate the clocks going forwards, yet another gorgeous Glamorous Giveaway AND a Super Special Secret Surprise on the way that you do NOT want to miss!!


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Hey Admin,Thanks, on a related note, a friend’s big bash is coming up and the theme is ’80?s glamour’, the dress code is “80?s inspired fashion and make up’ when I told my mom who live in the eighties about this, sudenly she gave me some tips about 80?s glam, now I have 2 options to doplan A‘modernized 80?s fashion’I want to wear something colorful but a litle bit toned down, maybe a white or neutral suite with cindy lauper inspired colorful trendy coat and natural make up and hair, the coat is the only 80?s piece, mixed with today’s fashion.plan B‘full frontal 80?s look’I wear a vintage outfit from the eighties, it’s a black lace dress with lots of gold silver and colorful rhinestones, and a gold rhinestone sequined bolero, the make up is something very 80?s blue or green eyeshadow, crazy cheek, red lip, bitchy red nails and big curly metal hair. my mom also gave me an ultra large gold earring and necklace to go with this. which look should I choose?All the Best

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Ducky says:

03:30 18th July 2012

Alicia - To my friends Judy, Amanda, and Christina: thank you for your kind words and support! Ms. RK was just an absolute sweetheart–we had so much fun (and I have to thank her for being so brave about posting these, too!).

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