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Life lessons

In life we meet a lot of people, some of whom will become your friends, others who will not. We will always be faced with the challenge of people who do there best to ware us down, to perhaps wind us up so to speak, others who may criticise every fault we make. These types of interactions make us lose sight of all the good in our lives, the good people and the good times. Those that wear us down can dominate our lives for long periods of times, making us feel unhappy or inadequate. However we must always remember that the opinion from those who wish to bring you down is invalid - it is the opinion of those who reinforce your brilliance, beauty and wonder that matters. Surround yourself with the love, joy and kindness that you deserve and brush off the negativity. At the end of the day we tend to meet 2 types of people in life, those who want the best from us, and those who perhaps don't. Draw strength from those who lift you up and drain the negativity from those who don't and turn it around to make yourself stronger. When all is said and done we will thank both those who lifted you and those who didn't, because your success will outshine the negativity they pursued!

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