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Glamorous Amorous News

Kriss Soonik's Brand New Collection Coming Soon-Pre Order Today! PLUS 10% OFF if your new to Glam Am...

Kriss Soonik's Brand New Collection Coming Soon-Pre Order Today! PLUS 10% OFF if your new to Glam Am...

First Order 10% Special Discount.

Glamorous Amorous would like to thank all our customers by offering them 10% off their first order. In order to receive your 10% off saving, please log-in to your account* or simply register prior to the checkout. Please note that Sale items are excluded from this offer.

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This entry was posted on 02/09/11 and is filed under | Category: Blog . You can leave a response below.

The following 52 comments have been made on Kriss Soonik's Brand New Collection Coming Soon-Pre Order Today! PLUS 10% OFF if your new to Glam Am...

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Jaylan says:

07:41 13th October 2012

Mrs. Deborah,I am so sorry to hear the news of your recent discovery. It was one of those things that when you hear it your whole body feels ill with a mix of disbelief and uncertainty. My heart goes out to you as always.It is a relief that your will seems stronger and ever and I do believe that you have the power to defeat your internal foe with just your positivity alone! The thought of you being part machine now made me chuckle… you are now iDeborah . This website is beautiful and mirrors your perspectives wonderfully.I agree, today is a good day.

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Joyce says:

08:34 11th October 2012

Deborah,I was, at first, extremely concerned with your diagnosis. Then I realized that the cancer fools just landed in the wrong body! I really feel sorry for them, come to think of it. -Looosers!!!Anyway, we all had such a wonderful time with you and the DH (fortunately, I read the preceeding posts and realized this means Dear Husband- who woulda’ thought!)Rhonda and I would like to take you and your bridge partner to lunch or dinner one day when you are in-town in March for the tournament. -So kick this thing’s butt in short order!Much Love, Thoughts, and Prayers to YOU and Joe,Kevin

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Missy says:

11:09 9th October 2012

Dear Deborah,Loved reading your Blog. Know you are a great bridge partner, but had no idea really how talented you are. Had a few chuckles and thought – I should be cheering you up but in fact you made me feel good. Strange.You did have a good day yesterday at the bridge game. So glad your team was on top. I’m sure you were responsible for at least 1/4 of that victory. Was a fun afternoon wasn’t it?Thought about you today and relieved to hear that it was a good day.During some of the conversations Greta and I have had over the past few weeks, realized that she had never been to Bridgeport (shopping center). So today we went, did a little walking, browsing, shopping, and had lunch at PF Chang’s. Our good friend Dorothy Nicley was with us. Came home and began to knit a ski hat for Alec, will do Ryan’s next.My wish for you is to have a good day tomorrow.Love,Barbara

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Nerice says:

09:12 5th October 2012

Répondu au questionnaire, mais pas eu la place de préciser que si je ne parle pas jeux vidéo sur mon blog « beauté », j’en parle sur un autre blog parfois.Je suis assez fan de retrogaming également

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Jennah says:

11:54 2nd October 2012

Pitite question : Ayant un blog pro pour mon job d’Ambassadrice du Bonheur mais pas de « blog de fille » à proprement parler, mon avis pour ce sondage est-il pertinent, ou dois-je m’abstenir ?Bonne soirée !

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Cathleen says:

01:45 26th September 2012

Thanks for sharing the video! Its pretty funny how the 'x-ray' through their clothes to show you what they have on underneath! Vintage style Lingerie is amazing though.

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Infinity says:

02:07 18th September 2012

I’ve always been a firm believer that virtually any woman looks better in sexy lingerie. I’ll never understand why many woman think that wearing garden variety poop catchers is going to enhance their looks in any way shape or form.I especially like it when a woman’s top is cut just low enough to reveal the very top of a lacy bra or bodice.

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gxpaoc says:

12:22 14th September 2012

gEyxN6 agaxihmfpibr

Steven says:

13:06 13th September 2012

Could not thank you enough for the blgoposts on your site. I know you'd put a lot of time and energy into them and really hope you know how deeply I enjoy it. I hope I am able to do precisely the same for another individual sooner or later.

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