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Glamorous Amorous News

Klue by Kelly-Ann Glamorous Giveaway

Klue by Kelly-Ann Glamorous Giveaway

Join us this week as we discover more about the contemporary luxe Swimwear label Klue by Kelly-Ann...

For a chance to win one of these stylish Swimwear creations, simply leave a comment here on our Blog to say which one you would like to win and why?

Images left to right

1 = Adelaine Bandeau Top and Holly Bikini Bottoms

2 = Farah Bikini Top and Lani Bikini Bottoms

3 = Ella Swimsuit

Everyone who enters will go into the prize draw and a winner will be selected at random next Friday 22nd July.

Please email us for further details

Good Luck!


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04:22 19th July 2012

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Emily Greensmith says:

00:27 23rd July 2011

Love number 2 - Farrah top and Lani bottoms - It'd look hot with my preggie belly :)

emma jane says:

12:05 20th July 2011

2=Farah Bikini Top and Lani Bikini Bottoms. I love this bikini! The colors and style are awesome! I could definintely wear this suit! Very sharp!

Melissa Kelley says:

03:58 20th July 2011

I would love to win the Adelaine Bandeau Top and Holly Bikini Bottoms. Such a beautiful color! They would be perfect for going between the beach and the pool.

Hamish says:

00:17 20th July 2011

My beautiful girlfriend would looking amazing in option one, Adelaine top and Holly bottoms and best of all she would love this too and it will put a big smile on her face (and mine too!)

Susan Green says:

18:52 19th July 2011

It has to be number 1 Adelaine top and Holly bottoms the perfect combo for me on my upcoming holiday. Glamour all the way

Ole says:

15:50 19th July 2011

I would love to see my honey in the Fatah bikini top and Lani bottoms. Cute!

Susan Green says:

22:38 18th July 2011

It has to be number 1 Adelaine top and Holly bottoms the perfect combo for me on my upcoming holiday. Glamour all the way

claire dodgspn says:

16:35 18th July 2011


I think Fabulous Farah and Lovely Lani need to go back to where they Ibiza, Spain with me on holidays. Those gorgeous frills are homesick!

Besos x x x

Dorothee77 says:

13:39 18th July 2011


I would love to win 3 = Ella Swimsuit; gorgeous swimsuit!

Christina Berry says:

12:31 18th July 2011

I would LOVE to win the Farah Bikini Top and Lani Bikini Bottoms - both pieces are ideal for my shape and would be really flattering. Fingers crossed!

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