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Join us Tomorrow, Sunday 13th November - We've got a Wicked World Kindness Day One Day Special!

Join us Tomorrow, Sunday 13th November - We've got a Wicked World Kindness Day One Day Special!

Join us on Sunday 13th November as we celebrate World Kindness Day with a superb one day special - Buy One Item Get One for Half Price! Check the Glam Am Blog tomorrow for more details on how to claim this fabulous discount!

Terms and Conditions Apply

Please Note: Sale Items are not included.

Make sure you don't miss out on this sensational offer!




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Celina says:

08:26 31st July 2012

My style is minimalist, architectural, only solid colors (lots of gray and black to bright jewel tones). The purple blazer you picked is my fave clothing color of all time!xoxox e (modern24seven)

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Cash says:

10:21 26th July 2012

Great find! Everything about the first photo blows me away. Visual texture is AMAZING, and I also love that the wallcovering is reflected in the high gloss black tables, so it makes it seem like the pattern repeats forever.

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Maryellen says:

07:54 24th July 2012

Um, I’m here to catch in with you. This girl’s crazy good. That knit looking area rug thing? Holy guacamole. I love that snakeskin mirror with the blue ceiling too. She’s a good mixer.

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Thena says:

03:25 18th July 2012

I absolutely adore Drew & Coral Café! She is so chic…love her style And the edgy glam number is just perfect! I would have to agree with her choice of this fashion pairing… It’s just perfect dahhhling! xoxoxo brynn

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Xandy says:

18:15 6th July 2012

um, hello? That beige apartment with chrome bookshelves??? So us! Even if I think some of the spaces are too over the top for me, I can appreciate when someone is doing something different than everyone else and celebrate unique talent. Thanks for introducing me to a new designer!-e (modern24/7)

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Trix says:

09:21 6th July 2012

Jennifer - Exciting Stormy The blog is great, it’s nice to see your hard work being paid off!Love the sliding banner and the pop up boudoir gallery.After meeting you I can definitely say that your personality shines throughout the blog, perhaps it is what makes it so beautiful. xx

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ztcjwqw says:

03:16 2nd July 2012

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Ferhat says:

07:53 1st July 2012

I think there are little decitaded Glambert angels that? are in the front rows us these lovely videos. By the time Adam came on . I was just pretty tore up So it's unspeakably AWESOME to see all the details. Thank you!

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