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Glamorous Amorous News

It's Playtime!

It's Playtime!

Maxine's of London's little sister brand, MaXrated Lingerie, is coming soon to Glam Am! 

We're talking playful, seductive, erotic lingerie made from the finest fabrics. These indulgent pieces will make the perfect gift for your loved one or are simply fabulous indulgent treats. Simply email us to find out more!

We'll be happy to supply images and product info if you simply cannot wait and want to get your order in before the new collection goes live!


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06:35 29th April 2012

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Brenley says:

03:48 27th April 2012

Kathy- Thanks! And when I really learn how to do makeup, I will be fierce!!! :)Nannette - As soon as I can find the Same Fine dvd, I will purchase it! It's sold out everywhere. That's good for Sam, but not so good for me.Sporadically Yours - Thanks, I hope my voice didn't scare you.Krystal - Girl, I am into my video groove! I've even started editing video I shot months ago, as well as last year. I just needed inspiration, Thanks!

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Lucy says:

05:24 18th April 2012

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Taron says:

09:06 4th April 2012

Bon - You are too sweet!Jessica, I absolutely adore the way you dress Gabrielle. If you ever decide that you need to thin out her closet to replace with newer and larger items (I know that’s a tough thing to do.. we don’t want baby girl to grow up!!)… and you don’t have anyone in mind to give the items too, I would be DELIGHTED to buy a bag or box of Gabrielle’s outfits!! Up my way (in Barrie, Ontario) we don’t exactly have a great selection of children’s clothing. Although, I am sure nearby Toronto holds many treasures.Anyhow, just thought I’d throw that out there! hehe, cheers!

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Reno says:

08:40 2nd April 2012

Jennifer - Exciting Stormy The blog is great, it’s nice to see your hard work being paid off!Love the sliding banner and the pop up boudoir gallery.After meeting you I can definitely say that your personality shines throughout the blog, perhaps it is what makes it so beautiful. xx

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Zaza says:

07:55 30th March 2012

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Umesh says:

00:27 28th March 2012

Your understanding larely fills a necessity. I've been hoping to find this specific content and you larely came through. Can you believe that what you have written almost accurately duplicates my own experience.

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