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Glamorous Amorous News

It's our Glamorous Giveaway Bridal Special!

It's our Glamorous Giveaway Bridal Special!

Join us as we catch up with Darling Ava designer Emma Osborne this week & you could win a pair of beautiful Bridal Knickers. We want to know what you think makes the perfect Wedding Day-post your ideas here on our blog for a chance to win...

Shop Darling Ava's sumptuous Silk collection now...


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Rule of thumb is to have at least one item per guest, so if you have 100 guests you should have 100 items. Our cheapest item is 99 cents and our most expensive is $ 250. People will buy whatever is in their price range so make sure you have plenty of room for everyone to spend what they want. You can always put extra towels and things you don’t “need” but would “like” to have – extra sheets, placemats, tableclothes, picture frames, etc. so people have an idea of what you like. Good luck!

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I typically spend between $ 35-50 on a shower gift. This sort of thing varies on the region of the country, I think. Also, alot of times at showers, people like to chip in on one larger gift-like my husband’s one aunt and her adult daughters chipped in together and got us our bedding, which was a few hundred when you figured in comforter, sheets, blanket, etc…Don’t be shy about registering for things in the $ 100 range. Honestly, people will give you what they feel is appropriate for themselves, and if someone doesn’t want to spend $ 100, they will have other options, but if a group wants to go in on a larger gift, it would be nice for them to have some options.

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Abhay says:

22:14 13th September 2012

You're right, it's best to get things in evoryene's price range. When we went, the lady asked us how many people we were inviting and then showed us a chart explaining how many gifts (approximately) we should choose in each price range. For 70 people invited, go by how many invitations you sent out. Probably around 35-40? So choose at least that many gifts, plus some extra since there will be a shower. Try to balance it out with some that are -$ 50, some that are $ 50-100, and some that are +$ 100. If you've already started to look and $ 81.99 is the most expensive item so far, then that's fine! Don't feel pressured to scan items that are a certain price range because you think you have to. Scan the items you actually want! Once you walk around the store, you'll probably see other things you like, and decide to upgrade the things you already have at home. That's what we did as well.I haven't had my shower yet, so I can't answer about what we received! Good luck and have fun!

jemma price says:

22:21 2nd May 2011

Beautiful sunshine, good friends and family and a beautiful wedding dress

Carina says:

18:07 30th April 2011

Beautiful music, a sweet man, a nice silky flowy dress and ofcourse some sexy and sensual lingerie underneath;)

Michelle says:

17:22 27th April 2011

A glamorous, luxurious wedding and dress. (But if one's friends and family and get along without throttling each other - that's nice too.)

Grays says:

10:48 25th April 2011

The bride dressed in an innocent looking dress but wearing something sexy and fitlhy underneath

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