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It's National Cleavage Enhancing Day....!

It's National Cleavage Enhancing Day....!

...For ideas on how to make the most of your curves, check out our ‘Shop by Body Shape’ guide....

When you’re done there, head over to our Bra Department & browse through our superb selection of bust enhancing styles for all shapes and sizes!


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Donte says:

10:09 27th July 2012

I agree with the above answer. In addition to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, there’s also Ross. All of these have really good buys on name brand bras. You just have to take your time and look through a sometimes rather disorganized display rack! But that’s part of the fun of discount shopping!?!

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Caiden says:

10:13 25th July 2012

please don’t go cheap… TJ Maxx and marshells are junk… just stay with victoria secret…. don’t waste your money on crappy clothes. You will look cheap(trust me) and the clothes will just strink or fall apart in the dryer. Trust me- you will lose more money in the long run buying clothes that last 2 hours and look like they been worn before

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Chartric says:

08:22 21st July 2012

H&M has the cutest lingerie and very affordable. but in your size, and for quality purposes you should go to Fredericks of Hollywood. They were made famous for catering to women with sizes D and up. and they have amzing deals in their store. 2 for $ 40 or sometimes buy one get one free. and they are comfortable, supportive, and they come in fun colors. they will even do a fitting for you and help you fing your perfect match. I love my victorias secret, but when it comes to bras fredericks is where I always go!

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Rose says:

18:13 6th July 2012

Jennifer - Exciting Stormy The blog is great, it’s nice to see your hard work being paid off!Love the sliding banner and the pop up boudoir gallery.After meeting you I can definitely say that your personality shines throughout the blog, perhaps it is what makes it so beautiful. xx

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Carley says:

03:19 2nd July 2012

I like the balconette style too, but it must have seaming for a great fit. My last two are be Fantasie and I absolutely love them. They are even pretty and don't look like granny bra's which is a big plus. I hear that Freya is another great brand that I'm hoping to try sometime. I just wish they were cheaper.

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ikptikyh says:

12:56 29th June 2012

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Marcelli says:

22:51 28th June 2012

Unfortunately there is not much you can do to save your bra, but taking prpeor care of future bras can make them last much longer. It is more work, but I feel worth it in the long run. Invest in a lingerie bag at bare minimum. I have these awesome things called bra babies and they are plastic balls you put your bra in while you wash them. Use cold water and the delicate cycle. Air dry. NEVER PUT YOUR BRAS IN THE DRYER! I cannot stress this enough. I would also advise that you find your nearest specialty lingerie store that offers bra fittings and get one. Most women are not wearing the right size bra, which in turn causes more wear and tear on the bra.References :

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