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Glamorous Amorous News Spectacular Summer Sale Now on! Spectacular Summer Sale Now on!

This is your chance to snap up all sorts of sizzling sexy smalls at silly prices. We're turning up the heat with up to 80% OFF selected pieces. To include labels such as La Perla, Roberto Cavalli, Aubade and Pleasure State. Mimi Holliday, Guia la Bruna and Kiss Me Deadly.

Be it quirky or chic, romantic or quaint, our delicious discounts will make you feel faint! Choose from Non Wired to Underwired, Half Cup and Full, from Push Up to Plunge styles or soft Triangles. We've got French Knickers, Shorty Knickers, Tangas and Thongs, G Strings and Hipster Briefs going for a song! There are Playsuits, Bodysuits and Camisoles galore, Suspender belts, sexy Slips, Babydolls and more...Enjoy!


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Janelle says:

14:49 16th January 2013

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Mena says:

06:08 10th July 2012

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Idalee says:

02:21 11th April 2012

I would have a shower using a nice shower gel with a feminine smell, like you can buy from the Body Shop. I would paint my nails, clear not coloured. I am still a chicken!I would wear the body stocking under my trousers and wear the top that you saw me wearing on Facebook with the chemise showing. I would leave the top unzipped so that the body stocking would show. I would then go girly shopping and enjoy the outing!Or maybe I would just close the curtains and prance around the lounge like a sissy!

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Kayleen says:

08:58 3rd April 2012

I love all lingerie. I try to keep it in check by limiting what I wear to what can be worn for every day use and where I can simply wear an item of ladies underwear instead of menâ??s.So I wear knickers instead of boxers, everyday I can feel comfortable wearing my knickers. If I am daring I can wear some very sexy knickers, but I have to always remember what I am wearing. Otherwise bending down or stretching up could prove embarrassing.I also have lots of silk vest and chemises. Some of my chemises are plain and could pass as menâ??s vest apart from that they are silky.Tights and holdups can also be worn daily. I wear these with socks when I am at work, but if I am not working and am alone then I donâ??t bother with the socks! If I get caught I can always use the cold weather as an excuse.Then there are the items that I canâ??t wear daily.I love wearing a bra, especially ones with lace trim. You are always aware that you are wearing it. I donâ??t wear bras to work, I have in the past but I have changed jobs.I have worn a corset with suspenders before. It belonged to a girlfriend. The tightness of it felt great. I walked around town wearing it under my clothes. I donâ??t think anyone knew but I did feel that I had a sign on my back declaring that I wear ladies underwear.I have never had access to a baby doll nor bought one. It is not an item readily available on the high street. But I guess it is on the Internet! Havenâ??t thought about it, but you have put the thought there!

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Tayten says:

10:39 31st March 2012

I love Teer! She's got such a great face & a beautiful body. We've bumped heads on a difference of opinions but we've built a great online relationship because we respect one another! She's one of my favorite plus models!

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Ray says:

01:34 30th March 2012

To Turnageb,I agree with you completely.. but not in a bad way.. more in an xeticed way. My style (I'm Rene9, for full disclosure) is particular to my personal likes, as is most designers But I love that Eco is becoming more available to the indie designer to be able to get many different tastes (If my closest consisted of only my clothing, my style would end up one-sided which is why I love love other designers in the mix!). Keep looking.. I bet you'll find it. And if anything.. if you find a style that you do love from a designer that doesn't do Eco yet ask em! Maybe they'll find a new interest and you'll get fabulous, modern, dirty underwear ;~).

meapdwds says:

19:01 27th March 2012

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Ippeh says:

17:09 27th March 2012

Oh what a guy!Just take note that her breasts will be swlloen for some time, so don't return it right away if they are too small for her to wear. It can take a few months to a year for her to be at her final shape.Get her some sexy stuff from or VS.

derrick says:

07:51 27th March 2012

I usually am most irnetested in them being pretty but underwire and push-up are a must. I never wear full coverage bras, and like front clasps when I can find them. Pretty much the opposite of Sam :) I am guessing she has much larger breasts than I have. I DO like balchonette style bras though...

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