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Glamorous Amorous News

Glamorous Giveaway Winner Announced!

Glamorous Giveaway Winner Announced!

And the winner of our gorgeous Glamorous Giveaway is....WENDY OLIVE Congratulations! These beautiful Aubade Briefs are yours! Thank you to everyone who took part - more chances to win luxurious lingerie on the way soon! x


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09:07 23rd July 2012

- ooooh, way the glam it up is to ditch the colorful, child-like wrapping paper and use all metallics and deep, jewel tones. i’m adding a spray painted twig / branch on top of each one for earthy pizazz.also, being calm, patient, and thankful is the best way to radiate good energy and make day-to-day life during the hectic holidays, just a big more enjoyable.

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Jessalyn says:

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Patty W - Cool collection!! Our baby girl is just past a year old on Christmas so unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of glamour in my life at the moment! However, for Christmas photos I’m vowing to paint my toenails a gorgeous red with gold flecks (OPI’s Revved up and Reddy) and putting on an actual top that isn’t a t-shirt or sweatshirt!I am so enjoying seeing your pics of decor, toys, clothes, etc for your new baby-to-be, keep them coming. Thanks for the chance to win some glamour!

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Wilma says:

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- I just found out I’ve lost my job.It’s a huge bummer, but I’ve decided to invite over a big group of friends for a new years get together. I told every boy to wear his finest suit and tie and every girl to wear her prettiest dress.We’ll just be at my house, but I’ll fix some fun appetizers and desserts and everyone will look extra special to ring in the new year!I think it’s just what I need to turn this negative into a positive. Good friends, good food, and a little sparkle!

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