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Fancy Free Delivery?

Fancy Free Delivery?

Something special for the weekend!

If you spend £100 or more in any single transaction, delivery is on us!

Please Note: Offer does not include sale items. Offer includes standard delivery only.

Please email us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Essence says:

14:26 30th July 2012

I always feel like other people “own” things and that I can do them myself because they are “hers”. Stop. Let’s be the best we can be and take on new and exciting things. I’m going to own my style, bake and cook things that I want to, and just grab whatever new and exciting opportunities are thrown my way. Let’s break down the walls and conquer our lives.

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Lucinda says:

09:09 23rd July 2012

I broke out along time ago. Got my act together and started painting and putting my talent to work and getting paid for it, lol. Took courses in floral decorating, wow, that was fun, if you have an eye for it go for it. Never stop trying different things. Hubby and I are now with RVICS, roving volunteers for Christs service with our RV, we go all over the states and Canada and do work at schools, camps, campuse, where ever the most need is. We volunteer our time and do what ever we can. Believe it or not I got commissioned to do two pieces of art.Never doubt yourself until you try it.Hugs Grama

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Rayonna says:

08:22 21st July 2012

I’m totally right along with you there Lesley…and I feel it’s something creative people have troubles with sometimes…it’s like you’re happy doing anything with your hands, but how do you put it all in play so that you can make a living of it, so that you can share and inspire others to do the same?For the past couple of years I’ve REALLY been into Photography, and I would love it to become something I can develop into my own…to have original ideas…to let other people look at my photos and see something of their self in them, to let people dream and to dream BIG.But then I think of the reality of it all…really there are SO many amazing photographers…could I be AMAZING? Could I make a LIVING off of something I really love so much? How would I BREAK INTO this? And is it really something that could be MY reality? I hate this world that puts doubts in our mind…making us feel like we’re something less that what God has created us to be. He has given us gifts, and talents, and passions for a reason. So why do we question ourselves so often? Why do we limit ourselves to only be “sub-par” of what we could be?I believe all these feelings are common struggles we all go through day to day. Maybe we just need to let God take these doubts from within us and let him bless us with the things our hearts desire. In HIS way xx -b.

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Shirley says:

11:58 14th July 2012

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