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Glamorous Amorous News

Ever wondered what it's like to be a fashion designer?

Ever wondered what it's like to be a fashion designer?

What are the benefits of your career?

The greatest benefit for me is that I love what I do.
Designing Lingerie has been my passion for over 20 years & I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I am incredibly creative & think I would burst without the creative outlet of my own Brand & the Design Consultancy that I run.
 I am also actively involved with a leading trend company designing & illustrating trend direction for the Lingerie industry which works 2 years in advance, this gives me an invaluable insight in to the coming seasons, it is creatively challenging & very exciting!

My career has also enabled me to travel extensively to many beautiful parts of the world including living & working in the Tropics for 4 years.
Being in the world of Fashion also has its ‘Glamorous’ element.
Styling & being on Photo Shoots is really great fun & one of the most rewarding aspects.

I also enjoy launching our new collections at the Paris Lingerie Fairs, as they are international it is a great opportunity for meeting really interesting people & like minded designers.

What sacrifices did you have to make to have this career?

Because I have thoroughly enjoyed my career & all it has encompassed I don’t really view it as making sacrifices?. . . . . but I will say that being a Fashion Designer is totally consuming so it is vital that you love it! It is definitely 24/7 & you never really switch off – I even design in my sleep!
Occasionally due to crazy deadlines & travelling friends & family may have to take a back seat, but for me it is all about life /work balance. Being your own boss definitely has its benefits when it comes to fitting in some quality ‘being Mum or Playtime’.

What is a typical day for you like?

I love the start to my day our Breakfast room overlooks the garden with wide glass doors so we have an alfresco style breakfast together most days. I am Smoothie crazy so enjoy throwing lots of fruits, berries, nuts & oats together & creating morning shakes for everyone – it’s a great start to the day and keeps you hunger-free for hours. 
Once my son has left for school I walk or cycle on my Vintage bicycle with my dog Benson (2 of my favourite things) along the coastal path to my studio, this is valuable ‘me-time’ and helps me focus, mornings are usually crazy with lots of emails, phone calls to the factory in Mauritius and meetings.
It’s a great discipline taking Ben to work as he makes me take breaks, we plan our day around the tides & when possible pop to the beach - this is a great way to de-stress. The coast near us is quite wild & rugged & the sound of the sea is one of my favourite things.
Afternoons are much more quiet & creative where designs are created, mocked up & reviewed.
 I am surrounded by lots of inspiration in the form of my Vintage Lingerie & swimwear collection & lots of books, magazines & beautiful fabrics.
I leave the studio around 5 & walk back along the coast, once I am home I am quite disciplined at turning off my Blackberry & being Mum (this has taken a while to master but definitely worth it - working across time zones can easily strip you of any free time so it’s important to hit the OFF button!) for me having quality family time whether this is helping with homework or heading to the beach for activities is really important. The children here have lots to do living by the coast like Surf & Lifeguard Club, Gig Rowing,  Surfing etc so its fun to go & watch & meet up with friends.
 I am lucky that my partner is a fantastic cook an actually enjoys it ! (unlike me, I don’t have the patience - you can’t be good at everything!) so this frees me up for chilling time or the odd Pilates class.
By 9pm I love nothing more than a great movie & a glass of good Rioja.


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