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Desperately Seeking...

Desperately Seeking...

Share your favourite quote, poem or romantic memory with us and you'll automatically be entered into our Fabulous February Competition to win some stunningly beautiful lingerie. The winner will choose their favourite from these 8 amazing styles: Nichole de Carle Brief & Braces, Nicole Gill Evangeline Dress and Phoebe Knickers, Kriss Soonik Diana hooded wrap, Fred & Ginger Moulin Rouge Bodysuit, Shell Belle Couture Flirting Shortie and Vintage Top, Gilda & Pearl Goddess Babydoll and tie-side knickers, Plum Pretty Sugar Kimono, Top & Lounge Pants and Sonata Lingerie Mirage Moon Shadow Bra and G-String.

Please note: Your entry must be received by Monday 28th February and entires are only valid if posted either here on our Blog or on our Facebook Page.


This entry was posted on 22/02/11 and is filed under | Category: Blog . You can leave a response below.

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20:44 28th February 2011

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