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Click Here to see some of our Hot New Arrivals...

Click Here to see some of our Hot New Arrivals...

Autumn is definitely in the air-why not take a look at some of our hot new arrivals, sure to take the chill off this blustery September Monday morning...


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The following 9 comments have been made on Click Here to see some of our Hot New Arrivals...

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Irish says:

05:23 10th July 2012

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Connie says:

07:04 19th April 2012

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Kalie says:

07:39 6th April 2012

I like the balconette style too, but it must have seaming for a great fit. My last two are be Fantasie and I absolutely love them. They are even pretty and don't look like granny bra's which is a big plus. I hear that Freya is another great brand that I'm hoping to try sometime. I just wish they were cheaper.

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Caroline says:

08:59 29th March 2012

Aww, love this. That sweater is fabulous (and so are you!). I have a sweater that's quite faded and several sizes too big, but it's gone through three generations of women in my family and although my mom keeps egging me to get rid of it I don't think I'll ever be able to.

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gbhaqmg says:

19:20 27th March 2012

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Elizabet says:

05:21 27th March 2012

obviously, baggy, oversized clhtoes would be your first line of defense. make sure you wear layers, as the straps will be obvious on your shoulders without, i would say wear the smallest comfortable size, and make sure to avoid anything pointy, as some bras have a seam up the front that makes a bit of a peak.then keep your colors in mind don't wear a dark bra under a light shirt.good luck.

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