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Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in life. Christmas is a perfect example of this; it often seems that this time of year is all about what’s on the market, who can buy the best presents or rather who can buy the most presents. It’s easyto forget what it is really about – it doesn't matter if you are or are not religious, Christmas is a time to appreciate everything and everyone we have. It’s that one day of the year where we are given the opportunity to appreciate those around us, whether that is by making a delicious meal, writing a heartfelt letter or by purchasing that necklace your loved one has had their eye on all year. Don’t focus on quantity focus on quality. Take that energy and stress you may have towards finding the most ‘flash’ items going and focus it on showing your families and friends how much you care about them, listen to them and respect them. At the end of the day we won’t remember every single present we received – we will however remember the moments that make up the reasons why we care about our loved ones, those acts of kindness and love that make us take that step back and realise how lucky we actually are!

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