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Glamorous Amorous News

And the winner of our Ligne de Soie Glamorous Giveaway is....

And the winner of our Ligne de Soie Glamorous Giveaway is....

...JO OGDEN-Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who took part-some of your comments have really made us smile!

Thank you very much to the lovely Ligne de Soie designer, Melissa Pelz-shop her stunning silk collection now and receive a free eyemask with every purchase! 

We've got lots more Glam Giveaways and gorgeous offers on the way soon-hope you all have a super sunny weekend!



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Jaicey-Lynn Wisniewski says:

05:40 3rd October 2011

I feel so deliciously graceful and delicate in designer lingerie. I would be so thrilled to have a chance at winning a Glam Giveaway!!!

Thank You,

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