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A Sensational Treat This Valentine's Day

A Sensational Treat This Valentine's Day

We are delighted to offer you the newly re-modelled Nichole de Carle Ivory Westminster Multiway Bra and Thong. Fans of this sensational label will know that there is usually an 8 week delivery timescale, however, if you purchase either of these exceptional pieces before next sunday 16th January, then they will be delivered to you in time for Valentine's day-wherever in the world you are! An incredible treat for yourself or a loved one. This exclusive offer is not to be missed. Also, spend over £100 and we will treat you to FREE standard delivery! Email us at for further questions or queries.


This entry was posted on 11/01/11 and is filed under | Category: Blog . You can leave a response below.

The following 9 comments have been made on A Sensational Treat This Valentine's Day

Carlee says:

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01:15 4th September 2012

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Alexavia says:

06:36 22nd April 2012

Glue sticks are a big hit here too. Ack on the nap. My tot went through that phase a couple of months ago. Thankfully, she got over it. We need that nap time to finish up school with big sis. LOL Praying that naps are not a thing of the past.

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Skip says:

07:26 10th April 2012

What a GREAT idea, Giselle...too too CUTE!!! I also like the idea of baking in high heels...I feel soooo sexy!Love & Lots of Chocolate!Richelle Jones

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Krystallynn says:

06:58 7th April 2012

This post is disgusting and It links to disgusting pictures. I read American Power for serious political discussion not for pictures of big breasted hot women in their underwear!(ok my wife just left the room...Great Pictures! Keep in up!!!

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Florence says:

06:31 28th March 2012

Once upon a time, I turned pages for Jamie when he performed the Kreutzer Sonata at a studio class. This was before I played it myself, so I was unfamiliar with the theme & variations movement. There's one particular variation which is 2 straight pages of 16th notes, and 2 repeats. I made the mistake of glancing away from the page for a second, and discovered to my horror when I looked back that I couldn't remember a) where we were, and b) whether we had done the repeats. I ended up half-standing & hovering for what seemed like an eternity, with Jamie kindly giving me subtle no shakes and finally a clear yes nod.Then there was the time that I turned for a friend playing in a vocal recital @ Scotiafest. He asked me at the last minute as a favour, so I accepted, forgetting that I was battling the remnants of a nasty cough. There's nothing like being on stage and NOT BEING ALLOWED TO COUGH that will make you want to cough up a lung. I managed to get through the entire thing without once coughing during a piece, but then had a friend in the audience comment on the odd expression on my face at various times.

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rjqbfnac says:

19:33 27th March 2012

MCQUen sqzypytpqlss

Rashed says:

07:03 27th March 2012

Um... what the?I dig the lips thing - that's very Man Ray/Dali-esque, but c'mon. Is this seriously pspsoued to be sexy?I'm sorry...can you introduce me to that fellow over there in the corner? You know, the one that's a big pink elephant?

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