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Glamorous Amorous News

A Gorgeous Gift Idea...

A Gorgeous Gift Idea...

French Knickers or Tie-side?

Balconette or Plunge?

Camisole or Babydoll?

If you're struggling to choose the perfect designer lingerie gift for your lovely lady, then why not buy her a gorgeous Glam Am Gift Voucher instead...


This entry was posted on 06/01/12 and is filed under | Category: Blog . You can leave a response below.

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Vennila says:

23:20 27th March 2012

I was hoping this book to be sreealed soon. I was so dissapointed I pre-ordered it and didn't wait to sneak peak of it in the bookstore. The looks are for teenagers and I think It should have been mentioned, like the other book this author has. I cannot find one look I want to try, not a single one. I've just turned 31 and I do not consider I am old, but this book, I can't use. Maybe if you are a teenager (and I am talking about early teenagers), you won't look ridiculous wearing this type of eye makeup and colors. So dissapointed .

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