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Glamorous Amorous News

£500 could be yours to spend on luxurious lingerie!

£500 could be yours to spend on luxurious lingerie!

Post your favourite Glamorous Amorous designer onto our Facebook wall or leave a comment here on our Blog before 31st January 2011 and you'll be entered into our fabulous competition to win an incredible £500 to spend on beautiful designer lingerie either for yourself or the lovely lady in your life! There may even be mini prizes awarded to those who leave us the best posts....! For Blog entries - please make sure you leave your FULL NAME. Good luck!

Email us at for any further queries


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The following 54 comments have been made on £500 could be yours to spend on luxurious lingerie!

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Lauren Jessica Hinge says:

14:23 1st February 2011

Beautiful Bottoms is definetly the best designer!! With Gilda & Pearl coming a close 2nd! x

Alicia Huen says:

21:05 31st January 2011

mimi holiday is my dream lingerie,it makes me so cuite &sweet

Eleanor Cowan says:

21:04 31st January 2011

It has to be Lascivious or Pleasure State

Mark Carlson says:

13:54 31st January 2011

Damaris is simply fantastic. Anything they make would look absolutely stunning on my wife!!

Susan Green says:

00:33 31st January 2011

Fred & Ginger would be a great addition to my collection from both mine and my boyfriends perspective

Madeleine Bourdon says:

22:07 30th January 2011

Nicole Gill is just perfect.

Simon Walmsley says:

21:49 30th January 2011

I like Gilda and Pearl amongst others but mostly anything by Lascivious which is lucky because I've had to promise my girly Lascivious Lila for our wedding. Gotta get it before it goes or I will be In Trouble...

Anne says:

21:20 30th January 2011

Maxine's of London is sumptuous, sensual and delicious and does so without the see through or flimsiness or exposing of bits a bit too soon. Its classy and speaks volumes to me as a woman who wants to be appreciated as a tasteful ly wanton woman.

Mr H says:

19:04 30th January 2011

Mimi Holliday are Mrs H current favorites. Am looking at Gilda & Pearl and Fleur of England this year.

Dave Burgess says:

14:06 30th January 2011

I'm lucky enough to have a wife that loves them all and wears the lingerie that I love the look of.... Velda Lauder is my favourite but Mrs B prefers the look of Maxines of London.

Rachel Bayley says:

08:30 30th January 2011

Pleasure state and Aubade are my faves but i love all the others too.

Dave Urwin says:

01:28 30th January 2011

Currently its Miss La La Presents,but there's so much fantastic choice a definitive answer's tough!

Julie Hall says:

01:19 30th January 2011

So very hard to choose.....depending on my love Lascivious with a touch of Damaris....heaven..

rosemary says:

00:01 30th January 2011

plum pretty sugar
Can't wait for my silk kimono to arrive,
I'll be good enough to eat!

Emma Sage says:

23:39 29th January 2011

My wedding night has just been made all that more special by your Nichole de Carle lingerie. It'll knock his socks off. Thankyou Glamorous Amorous!

Eva Karp says:

22:52 29th January 2011

Right now my favorite designer are "Guia la Bruna" with lace and silk in creamy golden shades.

Anne-Laure berger says:

22:32 29th January 2011

I love Mimi holliday especially the hipster knickers and the back bow thongs, they are very original and sexy :D

Christiana Lamb says:

21:52 29th January 2011

Miss La La presents - makes me feel like a glamorous 50's movie starlet - never has lingerie been so fun and flirtatious!

Melissa says:

21:45 29th January 2011

I love all of the designers, but Maxine's of London is truly unique and definitely my favorite! Maxine's designs are alluring and functional. Her corsets are my favorite- they are timeless. I feel like I am in another century.
I have been able to live out so many fantasies thanks to Glamorous Amorous.
Glamorous Amorous, keep the great designers coming! You are fabulous!

Ruth Lamb says:

21:40 29th January 2011

Fleur of England! - Is dangerously covetable lingerie - I find it hard not to blow all my rent every time a new collection comes out..... In Fleurs beautiful english rose designs living in a cardboard box would feel like living in decadant english mansion!

Linda says:

19:37 28th January 2011

Aubade, sexy seductive, beautifully made - Blow the budget pieces it would be strumpet and pink. But then each new collection throws in a curve ball and I change my mind. Fickle or what

Laura says:

15:05 28th January 2011

Such a tricky decision - but it would have to be Mimi Holiday - beautiful pieces and designs with a gorgeous fit & feel!

Kate says:

14:21 28th January 2011

Damaris: Just the right combination of classy, kinky and comfy - perfect for every occasion

Terri WU says:

23:07 25th January 2011

I love aubade and ell & cee. Both of them fits me perfectly! They outline the shape of the body for either loose T-shirt or the tight ones, or even without any cloth! lol :)

Fleur Woodland says:

13:35 21st January 2011

I think I love them all.

The ethereal Nicole Gill and the fabrics at R.A.W;
The romantic prettiness of Beautiful Bottoms and Guia la Bruna;
Both Fred and Ginger's subtle smile and the overt wink of Modern Courtesan;
The fun and bows of Boudoir Bargins and the feminine decadence of Strumpet and Pink;
The amazing fit of Aubade and Made by Niki;
Gilda and Pearl's 'Goddess' bra... Kris Soonik's knickers... the fantastical extravagance of a Maya Hansan corset...

But if I really have to choose just one designer, it would be the beauty of Sonata - aah! those zesty yellow knickers and that zesty yellow bra :)

In the right underwear one is ready for anything.

Yogi says:

22:16 17th January 2011

I love s**k - it's simple everday wear but I love seeing my other half walking around in it when she's getting ready.

Marta says:

06:46 16th January 2011

Love the retro glam of Fred and Ginger

Michelle Bawden says:

19:09 14th January 2011

Strumpet & Pink--Lovely intimate fashion leads to ardent amorous passion.

kristian pedersen says:

16:49 13th January 2011

strumpet & pink are crazy beautiful and imaginative (or is it just crazy), kriss soonik for the sleek affordable looks

Jay Brown says:

21:26 12th January 2011

Although these designers are not on the site any longer, I did have good sucess purchasing items from Yes Master and DM (Discover Mademoiselle). Fun and reasonably priced.

BettyJo Gagnon says:

22:11 11th January 2011

Too many to chose but I'm going to say Sonata Lingerie!

Carina says:

14:23 11th January 2011

Oh god, I really don't know where to start! I absolutely love Maya Hansens designs and since I adore silk, Ayton Gasson must be added to my list. I am also a Kiss me Deadly fan ( I ended up collecting the items;)).
But you can't love just a few designers, you just have to love them all!

Heidi Forssell says:

00:49 11th January 2011

Made by Niki inspires me. I love the small runs, all the little details, and those balconette bras- sexy and sweet!

anthony Rodgers says:

20:27 10th January 2011

Irresistable lingre is my favourate designer as my wife wears this lingre and she looks stunning in it! It is even the cause of her now expecting twins lol!

Lauren Hall says:

20:25 10th January 2011

Irresistable lingre is my favourite designer. The lingre fits me perfect ( being a 28 d) and it is the only lingre that i wear. I own every collection and would not buy anything else. Comfort and stunning design leaves you feeling sexy all day and night!

Allister Grant says:

17:06 10th January 2011

Love the site and I cant remember the last time my wife bought her own lingerie...Love the Aubade lingerie....sophisticated!

Olivia says:

16:53 10th January 2011

I found Glamorous Amorous on my search for sexy yet beautifully crafted knickers, and oh boy I found the right place! You have a fabulous selection of designers (plus I love the bio at the top of each designers pieces)
I love love love Sonata, Glida & Pearl and I have to say Nichole de Carle are pretty Hot!!
Definitely the best dressed bums in town - I thank thee! :)

Hayley stone says:

21:38 9th January 2011

It's all about the glamour in 2011! Glamorous.amorous is the place to find it.... My favourite to date.. Lascivious...

Evgenia says:

11:21 9th January 2011

I like Damaris!!!

Noemi Szelenyi says:

19:35 8th January 2011

Miss La La Presents is my latest favourite. They are simply wonderful!

Laura Elvin says:

17:33 8th January 2011

Ony recently come across this amazing website, so still making my mind up :) All absolutely gorgeous!

Tony simmonds says:

17:09 8th January 2011

Audabe Bahia has to be my winner there stunning and even better when the wife is wearing them and what a way to treat a special woman

Maggie says:

02:50 8th January 2011

Strumpet and Pink! Hands down! Their stuff is so unique and almost otherworldy in its glamor.

Katie says:

16:19 7th January 2011

Definitely Damaris - I only wish I could afford more of it!

Damian says:

13:45 7th January 2011

Nichole De Carle or Mimi Holliday, wife loves them.

Paula Chedid says:

02:44 7th January 2011

I really love the selection you have, there are some really amazing pieces... but the brand that collection after colection inspires me to buy clothes just to undress to that lingerie is Damaris... sine qua non.

Emily Greensmith says:

21:37 6th January 2011

It's very difficult to go past the delicate natureof Gilda and Pearl, though Kris Soonik's last couple of collections have been quite stunning.

Incidentally have you looked at stocking Sally Jones? Her work is quite beautiful.

Lesley says:

19:30 6th January 2011

Aubade are Awesome!
But Damaris is Delicious xx

Jimmy says:

14:14 6th January 2011

For pure raw sex appeal with the class of haute couture and a touch of slutty glamour its difficult to look beyond the lascivious brand.

My Wife loves to wear some of their racier numbers under her formal work wear, luckily I have to leave the house before her otherwise she might never get to work on time...

Mark says:

13:43 6th January 2011

Although they are all incredible, it would have to be Damaris. Anything they make seems to look incredible on my wife!!

Theresa Greene says:

11:02 6th January 2011

Just one???? That's tough! I love Madame V for their unique and sexy style. I also love Damaris for their sophisticated sexiness!

Jo says:

10:12 6th January 2011

It has to be Strumpet and Pink. If I won I'd blow the lot on the Rosette Cheeks Extended Knickers or the Black Swan knickers - and I could pretend to be Natalie Portman in the excellent film of the same name ;)

anna says:

11:20 5th January 2011

love them all

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