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£30 off when you spend £150!

£30 off when you spend £150!

Buy £150 and get £30 OFF. Please understand that should a return be made for a refund that causes the original order value to drop below £150 then the offer will be voided and the £30 OFF will no longer be applicable. Prices will rebalance to the original selling price. However exchanges or credits in the case of a return will be acceptable with this offer.

This offer is only valid on 4th December from 00:01 until 23:59 (GMT)


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ckgcowh says:

12:23 29th June 2012

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Purples says:

00:29 29th June 2012

Catherine looks fun! I haven't seen the game in the store here yet but it looks so... fast in the Youtube-videos lol. The pose you drew for Catherine is a bit iffy, but to be fair, her arms are in a difficult poiotisn, a lot harder to do without reference.Aaah, I'm a bit late but I hope you had fun on the goodbye-party! When are you leaving? :D

Rahul says:

18:24 28th June 2012

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