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Glamorous Amorous News

20% OFF Sonata Lingerie and Beachwear until Friday 27th May

20% OFF Sonata Lingerie and Beachwear until Friday 27th May

Congratulations KAYLEIGH BEIRNE- this week’s Glamorous Giveaway winner! We want to say a big thank you to Sonata for this week and thank you to everyone who took part-some of your posts have really made us smile! Treat yourself or a loved one to something special from the Sonata collection this week and enjoy 20% OFF!


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06:50 22nd April 2012

Was a while ago that Steph graced my mates bucks party with her presence. Out of the six girls in total that we had that night Steph was by far the best. Steph was outgoing and bubbly, spoke to everyone at the party and had a great time. Will definately be booking her for my next gathering.

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Erica: He spins beautifully! I hope to post about our adventures together soon ;)Rachel: A get-together would be fun, especially since I know someone else who bought a spinning wheel! Max and me are having a great time and I hope to blog about it soon :)Angela: I love my “new” man and Rock isn’t jealous, just happy that I’m pleased. I still use my spindles — I don’t let those babies go naked for too long!Thanks for thinking I’m cool, that made my day ;)As for the KtWC series, I’m glad you enjoyed that peek into my past and it will sadly end next week. Don’t worry … it’s a good ending :)

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