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20% Off Everything!

20% Off Everything!

Simply enter XMAS into the 'special code' box during checkout to receive this amazing saving off anything you so desire!

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Jobeth says:

10:10 26th July 2012

I get very excited when I hear about these U.S. stores coming to town. I always feel a bit torn too. The trade-off is the loss of another successful Canadian business.As for the Tiffany's/Birks thing, you just may be on to something. :)

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14:37 30th June 2012

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Yunirahmayanti says:

19:04 29th June 2012

When I try to step back and view the historical decorgaphims of the human labor pool, I see a large percentage of the population working the land shortly after the end of the hunter gatherer phase.Then there is this mass migration (actually an expulsion) out of the farms and into the cities. Hollywood makes it sound as if the expulsion were a good thing because all these young kids were bored out of their minds on the farm.Be that as it may, the oil=automobile=suburbia=finance splurge starts by luck just at the same as the dispossessed ag workers come to the city.Mechanization and automation keeps siphoning off more and more job opportunities from the dispossessed ag workers, but they don't see it because it's happening incrementally; one thin slice at a time. And besides, why worry? The GE Carousel of Progress promises A Beautiful Tomorrow coming our way from just around the bend.Globalization accelerates the siphoning away of the job opportunities from the dispossessed ag workers as the 21st Century arrives. Now it's a flat and hot and crowded world that is actually tilted towards sliding all these dispossessed people off the edge of the flat Earth and into the garbage bin of allegedly, lazy foodstamp collecting bums who don't deserve to live any more. Cut off their unemployment benefits and let them die, some say. They are the undeserving (undeserving to live anymore) they say.One small step at a time. That's how we got here. But if we step back and see the overall trend it becomes clearer. We got to where we are today because the owners of land and mechanization and automation and finance have been continuously squeezing the system towards having fewer jobs and less and less well paid labor and concentrated wealth. Of course, they call it by a different name: efficiency. And they have a special mind-bending language for perpetuating the process. They call it economics . If you are an ardent follower of the economics religion then by now you probably view me as a raging lunatic who simply doesn't understand . Tisk tisk. Get the butter knife and slide him off the dinner plate please. And so it goes.

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