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Glamorous Amorous News

20% off Beautiful Briefs Today!

20% off Beautiful Briefs Today!

20% off Beautiful Briefs Today!

Please Note: This offer does not apply to Sale items or Boudoir Bargains

This offer is only valid on 7th December from 00:01 until 23:59 (GMT)


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Prudence says:

10:25 12th October 2012

I broke out along time ago. Got my act together and started painting and putting my talent to work and getting paid for it, lol. Took courses in floral decorating, wow, that was fun, if you have an eye for it go for it. Never stop trying different things. Hubby and I are now with RVICS, roving volunteers for Christs service with our RV, we go all over the states and Canada and do work at schools, camps, campuse, where ever the most need is. We volunteer our time and do what ever we can. Believe it or not I got commissioned to do two pieces of art.Never doubt yourself until you try it.Hugs Grama

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Fanny says:

07:31 10th October 2012

We can all see that she likes her job…..That’s why this look s perfect on her because she enjoys doing the photo shooting….and of course: she’s adorable as a woman besides that sexy lingerie she wears:)

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Tish says:

08:36 6th October 2012

Your Gramma does this more then once a month. Painting and reading is a passion of mine and fashion. It takes many years to realize that taking time for yourself is a major importance to your body and mind. Young women are too buzy doing things and forget about themselfs personaly, especially when babies start to come, this will pay a toll on you when you get older. Take time and be good to yourself.

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Happy says:

12:35 2nd October 2012

We can all see that she likes her job…..That’s why this look s perfect on her because she enjoys doing the photo shooting….and of course: she’s adorable as a woman besides that sexy lingerie she wears:)

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Aspen says:

07:33 28th September 2012

Alicia - To my friends Judy, Amanda, and Christina: thank you for your kind words and support! Ms. RK was just an absolute sweetheart–we had so much fun (and I have to thank her for being so brave about posting these, too!).

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Bertha says:

01:59 26th September 2012

Sarb - you look amazingly HOT HOT HOT…absolutely love the pink & polka dot!!!!..thank you once for making me feel soo comfortable & sexy during the photoshoot last weekend..i had an awesome time during the photo shoot!!Sarb : )

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Brysen says:

08:58 15th September 2012

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qoaboyvnnn says:

12:51 14th September 2012

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Ginevra says:

20:26 13th September 2012

I want to be a writer too! Though what's hodnlig me back is the fact that I don't think I'm any good. So good luck on making it, maybe one day I'll make it there as well. =)

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