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15% OFF Loungewear until Friday 3rd June

15% OFF Loungewear until Friday 3rd June

We are proud to offer you a wonderful range of pieces in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. Mouthwatering colours, the finest fabrics and delicious designs that will take your breath away. Can we tempt you to a gorgeous gown, beautiful babydoll, or cute camisole and short set? Maybe you'd prefer a sexy slip, cheeky chemise or pretty playsuit? Whatever you're after, make sure you dont miss out on this truly scrumptious offer. For further style/size advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to assist you!



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Was a while ago that Steph graced my mates bucks party with her presence. Out of the six girls in total that we had that night Steph was by far the best. Steph was outgoing and bubbly, spoke to everyone at the party and had a great time. Will definately be booking her for my next gathering.

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>You're a gal after my own vintage pajama loving heart This post is a delight, thank you very much for putting it together.And oodles of thanks, too, for your recent comment over at Chronically Vintage, it's a joy to have you stop by for a visit (I've spent time in heavily tiled European kitchen, too, and agree with you that they have such an awesome ability to stay cool even on the most scorching of summer days).Wishing you a joyful Monday & week ahead!Jessica

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Was a while ago that Steph graced my mates bucks party with her psneerce. Out of the six girls in total that we had that night Steph was by far the best. Steph was outgoing and bubbly, spoke to everyone at the party and had a great time. Will definately be booking her for my next gathering.

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