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Advice On Bra Size

Fitting Room Advice on Your Actual Bra Size

The most important way of assessing your bra size is to try on different styles and shapes to determine what feels right and what gives you the correct shape. It is not always easy to determine your under band sizing with a tape measure. However, if you still are unsure and you want a measurement to give you a rough guide or starting point we have devised a simple instructions below for you to follow. Please understand that this is a guide only and as bras come in many shapes and styles.

Band size (under bust) Measurement
Band size measurement is the ribcage measurement and not the size of the cup – the band size is always referred to as numbers e.g. 32, 34 or 36 etc

Place a tape measure firmly around your body just under your bust resting the tape against your ribcage.

The tape must be level front & back – it's worth using a mirror to perfect this.
Then take your measurement by measuring under your bust.
You then:
Add 4inches if the measurement obtained is an even number of inches
Add 5inches if the measurement obtained is an odd number of inches.

(For example, if your under bust measurement is 31 inches, add 5inches to obtain your bra size 36, or, if your under bust measurement is 30inches then add 4inches to obtain your bra size 34 – if you are a half inch size then always go up to the next number)

Cup size (over bust) Measurement

Place a tape measure around your body from the fullest part of your bust to determine Cup size.
The tape must be level front & back – it’s worth using a mirror to perfect this.
If the bust measurement: is:

  • same as your bra size, your Cup size is A.
  • 1in. more gives Cup size B
  • 2in. more gives Cup size C
  • 3in. more gives Cup size D
  • 4in. more gives Cup size DD
  • 5in. more gives Cup size E
  • and so on through F, FF and G

An example:
Under bust measurement of 32inches + 4inches = bra size 36
Over bust measurement of 36inches = Cup A
So the correct fitting would be 36A

If you discover you are a new size it is worth noting that this new size may not feel the same especially if you have been wearing a bra that fitted incorrectly. A common fault is wearing a bra that has been too loose in the under band, therefore your new band size will feel tighter. We recommend that if your new band size is more than one size in difference you may find it more comfortable to change one size at a time until you feel comfortable with the correct fit.

Please understand that the tape measure can only provide a rough guide and you will only know by trying on different shapes and styles.

Our experienced Glam Am Team will be more than happy to offer any help or assistance you may require in this process or any other fitting issues please email